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  • Our client, a national owner and operator of retail centers, was seeking an innovative marketing solution for a number of its shopping centers located throughout the U.S.
  • In addition to generating awareness of its centers, Capstone Advisors was also seeking a way to support its tenants – most of which are smaller, individual, family-owned shops with little to no marketing budgets – in a way that would provide each business with an opportunity to promote themselves.
  • Brower Group was tasked with developing a unique program that would increase awareness surrounding each shopping center, drive foot traffic to the centers individually, and also allow Capstone Advisors to market its tenants in a way that would truly benefit their businesses.

See our Smart Results below



  • A 1,994% total increase in social media activity surrounding the shopping centers.
  • More than 2.7 million views from local consumers.
  • A 1,040% increase in consumer engagement in one year.
  • The deeper result: Positive feedback from tenants who gained new customers, and who felt supported and appreciated by their landlord. Too good to be true? Not for the Smart Agency®!

The Brower team is exceptional. The social media marketing strategy they created for our shopping centers is creative and smart – and it works. We continue to see increased consumer and tenant engagement month after month, and we are impressed by the results.”


–Ira Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Capstone Advisors

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