Tis The Season For Giving: 3 Nonprofit Marketing Trends To Watch in 2020

nonprofit marketing

Tis The Season For Giving: 3 Nonprofit Marketing Trends To Watch in 2020

nonprofit marketing

The holidays are a special time of giving, particularly to those less fortunate than ourselves.

At Brower Group, we make a concerted effort to donate our time and resources to wonderful nonprofit organizations that help others throughout the year.

In this spirit of giving, we are devoting this month’s blog post to helping marketing professionals in the nonprofit sector achieve their business objectives in 2020.

To tap into the latest trends in nonprofit marketing, we sat down with Brower Group account executive Lisa James, who leads PR and marketing efforts for several of Brower Group’s nonprofit Clients. Lisa has deep expertise in working with organizations of this type and helping them reach their goals.

Key nonprofit marketing trends for 2020 include:

1. Increased Integration Between Social and Direct Mail Marketing

Even in the age of tweets and digital stories, people are still opening direct-mail pieces and being inspired to write checks and/or give their time to help others.

Equally, the power of social media to reach and move audiences is undeniable. Facebook and Instagram posts are read by an increasingly large number of people, and these platforms offer a depth of targeting tools and analytics to ensure that ROI is consistently being achieved.

While nearly all nonprofit organizations are embracing social media, today’s nonprofit marketing leaders will need to increasingly work to integrate these efforts with direct mail in the year ahead in order to deepen their impact on both donors and volunteers.

2. A Rise In Highly Personalized Communications

 The relationship between nonprofit organizations and their donors and volunteers is a close-knit one.

Individuals who support these companies want to feel as though they are connected to the mission of the organization.

To achieve this, today’s nonprofit marketing professionals are increasingly crafting highly personalized communications that engage their donor and volunteer base, while also taking into account their demographic group, financial status, and location – right down to their neighborhood.

Nonprofits that are aware of what matters to their current and potential donor and volunteer base will be best equipped to communicate with them in a manner that is sensitive to those issues. In doing so, these marketing leaders will be better positioned to engender continued loyalty in 2020.

3. A Deeper Focus on Branding

Consumers receive a multitude of letters and emails each year from entities vying for their money, time, and attention.

To stand out, today’s nonprofit organizations must have an impactful, cohesive brand that stands out and garners attention from target audiences.

Nonprofit marketing is most effective when audiences can glance at a communication and immediately connect it to that organization, and more importantly to its mission.

Being cognizant of brand integrity is becoming increasingly vital as the competition for consumer attention and dollars grows fiercer in the digital age.

While the goal of nonprofit marketing is the same as for-profit marketing – to raise awareness for the organization and create positive connections that lead to growth and success – many nonprofits have the extra responsibility of cultivating relationships with donors and volunteers.

By increasing integration between social and direct mail marketing, personalizing communications, and focusing on a cohesive and impactful brand, nonprofit marketing managers will help their organizations thrive in 2020 and beyond.

From all of us at Brower Group to all of you, Happy Holidays and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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Posted on December 23, 2019