6 Ways to Subliminally Convert Customers


6 Ways to Subliminally Convert Customers

customersDon’t you wish you could subconsciously lure people into becoming your customers?

Well, you can.

The human brain is a pretty interesting thing – and thanks to many psychologists out there, we’ve discovered some brilliant yet easy ways to convert your prospects.

Here are 6 marketing tactics that leverage psychology to turn leads into sales.

1. Know your target.
Who is your target customer?

The single most important factor in your marketing plan is understanding your target audience. Are you marketing to Bill, the 35-year commercial real estate broker? Or are you marketing to Jessica, the recent college-grad-turned-entrepreneur?

Knowing who you’re speaking to will determine exactly what your marketing strategy will be.

2. Get visual.
The visual aesthetic of your marketing materials will make or break a user’s decision to buy from you. Have you ever wondered why?

This article breaks down just one of the many ways that people are emotionally affected by the look and feel of your marketing. From colors to layout, every little decision you make in designing your marketing materials will play a role in stimulating your customer’s mood. And if you do it right, they’re going to subconsciously like you.

3. Give, give, give.
When you give someone a gift, it’s a natural instinct for them to want to do something for you in return. This is why you should be giving your customers free stuff.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be physical gifts or expensive swag. It could be useful content or exclusive offers. If you give your customers something without asking for anything in return, your selflessness won’t go unnoticed.

4. Supply the demand.
If you have the choice between two kinds of orange juice for the same price – one of them is fully stocked, and the other is almost gone – you’re going to choose the one that’s almost gone.

People buy what’s in high demand, with the fear that if they wait, it’ll be gone. If you communicate that your product is scarce due to popular demand, people are more likely to react, and quickly!

5. Go for the pain points.
People tend to have a debilitating fear of losing what’s theirs – also known as loss aversion.

Loss aversion, ironically, is a fantastic conversion tool. You can often increase your chances of converting someone to a customer by telling them what they’ll lose if they don’t buy, then by telling them what they’ll gain if they do buy.

And hitting them where it hurts can be effective in more ways than one. Read all about it here.

6. Keep the mystery alive.
We all know a magician never reveals his tricks. That’s why people still love magicians.

Put a little mystery in your marketing. Ask questions that only you know the answers to, or dangle an exclusive “secret” in front of you prospects. They’ll be intrigued by your secrets, and in turn will take action to find the answer.

* * * *
Fortunately, you don’t need a PhD in Psychology to implement these strategies into your next marketing campaign.

Get to know your customers in depth, and pay attention to detail when you’re crafting your marketing strategies. You never know what you could be subliminally saying!