Chipotle’s Lighthearted Social Media Strategy is Helping to Build a Lot More Than Burritos

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Chipotle’s Lighthearted Social Media Strategy is Helping to Build a Lot More Than Burritos

social media strategyChipotle knows how to make its customers fall in love. Be it with food or with the brand itself, consumers just can’t get enough.

From a marketing standpoint, this delicious giant of the food industry is also fantastic at making social media users fall in love.

Recently, the brand received a complaint via social media from a customer who was dissatisfied with the fact that earlier in the week Chipotle had guacamole. Then, when the customer returned a few days later, Chipotle was out of guacamole. (If you’ve ever tried Chipotle’s guacamole you can imagine how disappointing this can be.)

In response, rather than offering up an excuse, or a simple apology, Chipotle did something a little unexpected – they responded with humor:

“We apologize, we didn’t mean to guac in and out of your life like that.”

By using a lighthearted approach and adding a human element to their social media strategy, they were able to apologize in a way that keeps the company extremely likeable – a major factor when building a brand that people trust.

So, what’s the key learning here? You have to show some personality in order to win on social media.

To help our fellow marketing pros, our team has assembled a quick list of tips (based on Chipotle’s social success) that will help build longevity and trust for a brand:

1. MAKE IT PERSONALIZED: People like to feel connected. Moreover, they want to feel that they are speaking with an actual person.

Chipotle does this very well by signing all of its social media posts. The company, which has a few different people or “voices” for their social media platforms all sign their names at the end of each their posts.

This added personal connection helps to build a stronger relationship with consumers, which in the end leads to better brand recognition and brand loyalty.

2. MAKE IT CONVERSATIONAL: People want to feel like they are a part of the conversation, rather than feeling they are being spoken to.

According to a study in National Restaurant News, Chipotle responds to more than 83% of its Facebook followers’ comments, and 90% of its Twitter followers. Beyond that – the company responds in a way that makes consumers feel like they matter. This takes time and effort, but it is effective.

When a consumer gets a personal response from a company, he or she feels recognized, appreciated, and is much more likely to become a repeat customer.

3. SHOW SOME PERSONALITY: Often, companies are so afraid of saying the wrong thing that their social media campaigns appear robotic or disingenuous. Don’t be afraid to put some personality into posts and engage with your followers.

The benefits definitely outweigh the risks, and as long as you remain in line with your brand and key messaging. Throwing some personality in there is only going to drive consumers, which, in turn, drives your bottom line.

In the end, if social media is a strategy your firm decides to use, take a note out of Chipotle’s social media success and learn from a company that is engaging its consumers and building strong brand loyalty.