So, How Can You Make Your Company Stand Out?

So, How Can You Make Your Company Stand Out?

businessOkay, so let’s say you’re in a business that can be considered a commodity, where it’s hard to tell one from another.

Let’s say there’s United, American Airlines, Delta, and there’s kind of nothing different to say. Yes, you sell seats on airplanes.

Well, what about Jet Blue? They also sell seats on airplanes, but through their marketing, they have convinced consumers that they’re different – and better.

What if, say, you’re selling popcorn. How do make that different? Isn’t popcorn pretty much the same no matter where you buy it?

Well, Berco’s Popcorn is different. Why? They’ve cleverly created a few unique flavors, such as Billion Dollar Popcorn – that contains actual flakes of gold. And it’s really only $100 a quart.

Then they also have the Way Too Expensive White Truffle at $10 a quart. Neither of those flavors may appeal to you, but it does make you think that their World Famous White Cheddar must be pretty darn good.

In both Jet Blue and Berco’s stories, the firms came up with a marketing idea, and in addition to creating a strong point of difference to market, they also made minor changes in their company’s product or service to ensure that the marketing paid off when their customers tried it out.

You can’t sell what you don’t have, but you can creatively determine what you do have, or can have, and then add a bit to your firm in order to walk the walk that matches your great marketing idea.

If you can’t figure out what makes your popcorn better than your competitors’ popcorn, ask your marketing firm.

Often, it takes an outsider see what is different and better, but just hasn’t been brought to light yet.

Or, alternatively, a good marketing firm should be able to invent a way to promote your product and service that makes it stand out anyway. Think about it. Berco’s needs never sell its Billion Dollar Popcorn to even one customer, as long as it drives more traffic and sales to Berco’s.

Feel free to post your ideas here, or if you come up blank, give us a call to brainstorm with you.