Technology That Really Helps Your Customers


Technology That Really Helps Your Customers

technologyThese days, a lot of people talk about new technology in stores and restaurants that help consumers enjoy a richer experience.

While that’s very, very important, another kind of technology can help your customers enjoy their in-store or restaurant experience even more. How about something that helps them leave?

Sure we all enjoy the Costco prices, and sort of enjoy seeing their new items on display, which they do very well. I certainly impulse shop above my list when I’m there.

But last time I went to Costco, they had great new technology. They helped me check out faster!

No one really wants to stand in line at Costco. That part is not fun.

So while I was in line, a guy came up with a little handheld device, clicked on all the items in my cart, and when I presented my card when it was my turn, the checker just asked for my payment.

The device had already scanned and logged all the items against my card, and I could pay and leave without ever taking them out of my cart.

Pretty slick, right? No pulling out items from the cart. No need for self-service scanning like the grocery stores, which actually isn’t very smooth unless you only have two items.

This just worked, eased my visit, and made me feel more encouraged about coming back next time.

Seems to me this is a technology that can be easily made to fit your store or restaurant. Many of you likely already nearly do have that technology on your premises. Even the servers at Coco’s take orders on an electronic device that goes to the kitchen, so why not send the bill to the cashier the same way?

Of course, taking it a step further, as more and more people link their phones to their banks and credit cards, the server could simply send the bill to the customers mobile device for automatic payment, with a tip percentage selection for the customer.

Can you imagine never again waiting for a bill in a restaurant? Never again trying to catch the server’s eye to pick it up? Never wait for them to process it and bring it back to you for signature and to get your card?

This benefits the server, who no longer has to process those payments.

It benefits the restaurant, as the order goes directly to the kitchen and to the check with less room for human error.

And it makes the experience more pleasant for the customer.

Believe me, you can still add on dessert, or leave a larger tip with this kind of technology.

I’m sure it will come soon enough, but for those who are early adopters, this will be a positive point of difference!

Think about your own business, and what kind of relatively compelling and simple technology can give you an edge. If you can’t think of anything, contact me here and I’ll help you come up with a strategy!

Freshly Minted Business ideas are the tastiest!

Judith Brower Fancher