Turning Carmageddon Into Lemonade


Turning Carmageddon Into Lemonade

lemonadeYou know the old adage. Well, some people do it well, and make money for their effort.

This post is about making lemons out of someone else’s lemonade. In fact, the better adage would be “Adversity creates opportunity.”

For example, when the 405 was closed due to construction last year, most people looked at what had been called “Carmageddon” and presumed it was all bad.

But one company did something different. That company owns helicopters, and offered a tour of Carmageddon from above.

For $400 per couple, Helicopter Adventure Tours took couples on a 45-minute tour of LA, including a car-free stretch of the 405, and a bottle of champagne to celebrate the experience!

The idea of cashing in on negatives is really only limited by imagination.
Criminal attorneys, for example, are often utilized on major national morning television shows, discussing horrific crimes.

Because the attorneys involved most often can’t or won’t speak about the cases as they are underway, attorneys who have absolutely nothing to do with the cases can come on and garner tremendous exposure and gain recognition as experts.

A good public relations consultant should be able to find these opportunities for you.

This type of opportunity exists for most service-industry professionals – be it an accounting crisis, a banking crisis, a real estate crisis, etc.

When one of these occurs in the industry in which you are an expert, offer your availability for an interview to the media.

Any lifeboat sales reps or radar depth-control sales people reading this?

Not to be gruesome about the horrible loss of life with the Costa ship capsizing, but the media would eat you up right now, and you very well may receive calls from multiple cruise lines for your product or expertise.

Profit Development can start with smart public relations, turning others’ adversity into your opportunity. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call.