Will File Cabinets Soon Be Obsolete?

file cabinets

Will File Cabinets Soon Be Obsolete?

file cabinetsSometimes it’s interesting to think of what will come next, and sometimes, it can be instructive to think about what is about to go away.

Fax machines are a good example.

With the number of scanners now in use, when our company moved offices a year or so ago, we realized we simply didn’t need a fax machine anymore. (Admittedly we still have access to one for the benefit of any client who wishes to send something, but we never push “start” on a fax machine, preferring to hit “send” on email.)

Great marketing is not going to get people to buy fax machines.

But what about file cabinets?

Doesn’t everyone save nearly every document, email, art file, photo and contract on their computer, and back it up on the cloud or at a co-location? How long will people keep using file cabinets?

Great marketing isn’t going to get people to buy new file cabinets, either.

So what is the Freshly Minted Business idea here for you? If your business sells a product or service that will soon be obsolete, it’s the most important thing you can think about!

Don’t Be A Travel Agent

Many companies didn’t see what was coming and then weren’t prepared for change. Travel agents didn’t seem to see the impact of the internet on their businesses.

Video and music stores didn’t seem to see the impact of downloading digital films and songs coming.

So it’s important to think about what’s leaving next, just as it’s important to know about what’s coming next.

Staying sharp on your own industry can be done through research, conversations with people outside your industry, and a bit of belly button searching — because deep in your heart, as an entrepreneur, you do know what’s changing in your own world.

If you need help determining upcoming Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities in your industry, give us a call!

Judith Brower Fancher