Sprinkles Ice Cream Is Best Product Extension Ever

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Sprinkles Ice Cream Is Best Product Extension Ever

ice creamCombining the most popular-ever cupcakes with slow-churned ice cream is fairly brilliant, to say the least.

As a product extension of a beloved brand, it’s even smarter than brilliant. This is product extension at its finest. Not a missed beat in this process, either.

The first Sprinkles Ice Cream has been placed directly next door to the first Sprinkles cupcake shop at 9631 S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills, in case you need to go there right now. (Note, photo on the blog is not from the new Sprinkles – just couldn’t resist the freshly minted ice cream!)

And how much does a scoop of Sprinkles chocolate chip ice cream served in a red velvet waffle cone or between two Sprinkles cupcake tops cost? Who would possibly care!

The new website teasingly touts only a single location. Fans will literally be begging Sprinkles to open one in their town. And if you think the lines for a new H&M Store anywhere across the nation were long, wait until you see the kind of amazing marketing-driven lines will appear with each new Sprinkles Ice Cream shop opening.

The product attracts pretty much every demographic, from the Silent Generation to the Millennials, regardless of race, creed, color or political party – and pretty much regardless of income.

This, my friends, is a marketing home run. No, it’s a branding grand slam.

What are the product extensions other beloved brands can develop? It seems that Virgin is pretty smart in that area. Is your firm seeking these opportunities? Are you brainstorming how your marketing and brand can deliver not only blue sky value to your firm, but also bottom-line Profit Developer(tm) value?

I don’t even like cupcakes, and I can’t wait to try this place. In fact, as a marketing firm owner, I want a t-shirt from that ice cream shop — which I don’t believe they offer….yet.

Judith Brower Fancher